Bonnie Lee "I Am Alive"
Bonnie will have you singing and dancing with the inspiring music of Celine Dion!
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Bonnie Lee as Celine Dion
      People worldwide visit Green Valley resort to hike, relax, and rejuvenate. Many visitors expressed their thoughts that I resembled Celine Dion and even mistaken me for her.

      In 1998, after the loss of my two beautiful sons, I decided to appear as Celine Dion at a Christmas staff party. I performed "My Heart Will Go On" which has a personal meaning to me and was the beginning of an entirely new adventure.
      Doors opened one after another for me to share the music of Celine Dion. Without any promotional efforts several contacts set up 6 events for me to perform the "I Am Alive" show..
Aladdin Hotel-Ceasar Palace, Nevada.  "Champs for Children", MJ Enterprises Red Carpet Events-Hollywood, California, A'eola  National Convention-Mesquite ,Nevada, Green Valley Resort, Legends in Concert-Las Vegas, SGMT's Diamond is Forever, Jubilee of Trees, National Guard Awards Banquet, Celebrity Look-a-Likes-SLC, Utah, Senior World Olympics-St. George, Utah, Nature's Way Company Event, Reel Academy Awards - Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel-Hollywood California, Hard Rock Cafe-Salt Lake City, Noah's Quest-Dana Point, Utah Dairy Association Pageants, Meadow's  Retirement Home, Novell's Annual Convention, UELMA Workshop, Red Cross Fundraiser-(post 9/11), Winter Rock Fest, Washington County Cancer Fundraisers, Humanitarian Entertainment-Dublin Ireland, Dixie Convention Center, conventions, public celebrations, fundraisers, trade-shows, video shoots and various private parties.

       Bonnie  Lee  continues to share Celine's inspirational music and do motivational seminars nationwide.